Honda Marine Engine best in class according to Boote Magazine review

Boote magazine in Germany recently completed a review of 15hp outboard engines from six different manufacturers; Honda, Yamaha, Selva, Mercury, Suzuki and Tohatsu.


All motors were accompanied by a suitable range of standard propellers as well as thrust propellers. Conventional technology and cutting-edge technology went head to head: Honda, Selva and Yamaha fitted with carburetors, and Mercury, Suzuki and Tohatsu equipped with electronically controlled fuel injection systems.

Yamaha’s outboard came in at the heaviest weighing 57.1kgs, while Tohatsu came in at the lightest 44.87kgs. When analysing measured data such as the thrust values, ranges and fastest speed, Honda comes in 1st place, tied with Mercury.

The Suzuki outboard motor was classified in second place: in terms of technology and range in the mid sector, it would could have been awarded first place, but its fuel consumption falls short of the Honda when plaining. The Tohatsu occupies third place, followed by Yamaha and Selva.

Honda Ireland currently have stock available of Honda marine engines ranging from 2.3hp engines to 250hp.

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Keeping your Honda Marine Outboard in it’s best condition

You’ve invested in a Honda Marine outboard engine and you’re all set for the water, how do you keep that outboard in the best condition possible?

Follow our easy guide:

  • Correct service intervals: Read your Owners Manual and know when your outboard is due it’s regular service at the correct intervals. If you use your outboard engine in demanding or commercial conditions it may need more frequent servicing. Your dealer can tell you more about this.
  • Use the professionals: Your Honda Marine Authorised Dealer is best placed to maintain and repair your machine on a regular, ongoing basis. We advise that any maintenance or repair be performed by the dealer you bought the equipment from, because they know it better than anyone else.
  • Genuine Parts: To make sure you get the best quality and reliability, we recommend you use only new Honda genuine parts.
  • Always check the oil level before you start the outboard
  • Listen for irregular sounds upon starting.
  • Check that the water to be used for engine cooling is flowly freely
  • Check the propeller and cotter pin are secure
  • Check that all bolts and fastenings are tight and the engine is secured to the boat.
  • Check the anode
  • Check the fuel lines
  • Check the emergency stop switch
  • Check the tightness of the battery cable and connection
  • Check for coolant leaks after use
  • Always thoroughly rinse off, or flush out salt water with clean fresh water to stop corrosion.
  • Grease the engine lubrication points
  • If you’re storing the engine for a long time, disconnect the battery and drain any fuel that’s left in the tank.
  • If your Honda is for commercial use, long hours of work may determine more frequent maintenance checks.

There’s nothing better than heading out on the open water, make sure you don’t get caught out by following the list above. if you ever have any outboard queries your Local Honda Marine Dealer can assist you.

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Tune into Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC

If you’re a Honda marine fan you will want to tune into RTÉ One this Sunday, April 22nd 2018.

Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC sees underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan embark on a series of voyages out into the open North Atlantic in search of large whales, sharks and cold water coral reefs 3,000 down on Ireland’s deep seabed.

The two-part series will document many of these creatures’ behaviour for the first time in any TV programme and investigate the health of our deep Atlantic waters.

This is an area inhabited by the largest animals ever to have lived on Earth, by some of the most beautiful, strangest looking, resilient and fascinating life forms on the planet and ecosystems.

We’re very happy to say that 2 x Honda BF100 outboards were used in getting Ken and the crew out hundreds of kilometres offshore to film this groundbreaking series.

We’re looking forward to tuning in! Ireland’s DEEP ATLANTIC air’s Sunday 22nd & 29th of April at 9.30pm on RTÉ One.

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Photo Credit: Seafever Productions/Ken O’Sullivan

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