What is the Honda Warranty?

Honda Warranty

The Honda Manufacturer’s Warranty covers all products for a period of 2 years from date of sale to the end user. There are some exclusions and terms and conditions to this – please see below listing for further information. Warranty is given by Honda and applies to all units that were first imported into the European market by an official Honda Agent.

Warranty Conditions

The Honda dealer obligation under warranty is to repair or replace, at the discretion of Honda, any part found to be defective in material or workmanship. Within this 2-year period warranty period all service, maintenance and/or repair must be completed by an authorised Honda dealer and genuine Honda parts must be used fitted. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the warranty being deemed void.

Honda Warranty Exclusions

Please note that the Honda warranty does not cover any of the following items:

  • Competition motorcycles such as the CRF range are not covered by warranty due to their off-road usage.
  • Battery operated products are covered only for a period of 1 year from date of sale.
  • Batteries fitted to all Lawn and Power Equipment (lawnmowers, lawn tractors, generators, etc) are covered for one year from date of sale.
  • General purpose engines fitted to Go-Karts are covered for a period of 3 months from date of sale, parts and labour.
  • Any damage to products resulting from neglect of the periodic maintenance recommend by Honda. Please consult your owner’s manual for maintenance schedule for your product.
  • Any damage that results from operating methods or other than those indicated or use beyond the limitations or specifications set by Honda (For example: maximum load, passenger capacity, engine speed, etc).
  • Any damage resulting from use of non-genuine parts, lubricants or contaminated fuel.
  • Any damage resulting from the passage of time (natural fading of painted surfaces, plated surfaces and other deterioration).
  • Consumable replacement parts and lubricants:
    – Parts – spark plugs, fuel/oil filters/elements, drive chains, air cleaner elements, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch discs, battery, lights, fuses, belts, tyres, tubes and other rubber parts.
    – Lubricants – oil, grease, battery electrolyte, coolant, etc.
  •  Expenses incidental to warranty claims, including:
    -Transport costs
    – Compensation for the loss of time, commercial losses or rental costs for substitute products.

Obtaining a Warranty Service

Contact your original Honda selling dealer or any authorised Honda dealer taking with you your service history and proof of purchase.

Warranty repairs will be completed free of charge by the dealer for parts and labour, provided approval for the repair has been given by Honda.

All parts repaired will be covered by the remainder of the product warranty period.

All defective parts concerned become the property of the manufacturer’s agent and should be returned with the appropriate paperwork.

Product Safety Recalls

From time to time Honda will issue Product Safety Recalls. Should you own a piece of Honda Equipment that was purchased in Ireland effected by a Product Safety Recall you should contact your local Honda Dealer.

A full list of Product Recalls is available here.