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CMX1100 REBEL – 23YM

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Intro CMX1100 REBEL – 23YM Honda CMX1100 Rebel range, Offering to relax and excite in equal measure, the standard edition also gains a new colour for 23YM. Model Overview The CMX1100 Rebel has a dual personality. It’s been designed for a leisurely laidback cruise, but also to offer an exciting riding experience when a twisty […]

CB1000R – 23YM

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Intro CB1000R – 23YM Motorcycling has seen many shifts in riders’ expectations of their bikes – what they do, how they look and how they make them feel – over the last decade. And Honda has never been afraid to apply its technology, engineering and ‘what if…?’ imagination to create motorcycles that inhabit new spaces in the […]


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Intro NEW CB750 HORNET – 23YM The original 1998 CB600F Hornet grew to be a hugely popular bike in Europe, for many reasons. Its compact, naked form was great around town and it had the engine power and handling ability to carve a section of corners with joyous enthusiasm. Different iterations of the Hornet took […]

NEW CL500 – 23YM

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Intro NEW CL500 – 23YM Honda has a long history of getting smaller capacity bikes just right for riders around the world. A combination of easy usability, useful engine performance, affordability and distinct individuality equal motorcycles that, over time, come to mean so much to their owners. Model Overview The development concept used from the […]


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Custom Cool CMX500 REBEL – 23YM A chopped ’bobber’ styled motorcycle that links authentic, traditional looks with modern technology. At a Glance: The Rebel’s tubular steel frame draws fresh, contemporary lines into stripped-back, fat-tyred ‘bobber’ style. Blacked out to the maximum, with the minimum of paint, it also switches from solo-only to pillion-possible via two […]


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A stylishly stripped-back new ‘sport naked’ for new riders looking to take the next step in their motorcycling career in style

CB500F – 22YM

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A sharp, fresh aesthetic and compact, street fighter style. A2 licence friendly.


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Every day is a journey. Start yours today with the new CB650R. With the distinctive performance of raw sports street fighters and stripped-down Neo Sports Café styling, the CB650R is ready to take you on an unforgettable urban adventure.


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The 2018 CB1000R elegantly combines more with less. It gives its rider a huge amount of usable engine performance, with the control of a cutting edge Supersports machine, while the innovative, minimalist styling injects it with a whole new attitude.