The benefits of grass mulching

A lot of our Honda lawnmowers have in-built mulching capabilities, and you’ve heard on the grapevine that mulching is good for your garden – but how exactly? Let’s investigate:

What is mulch?

In the case of mulching lawn mowers, the mulch consists of grass clippings from the cut grass. The clippings are cut into fine pieces that fall easily to the soil surface. There, they can be rapidly broken down by soil microorganisms, which release nutrients from the mulched plant material back into the soil.

Why should I mulch instead of  using the grassbag ?

It’s good for your garden:

Mulching enhances the health and growth of the grass by reducing evaporation of moisture from the lawn and keeping soil temperature cooler. This coupled with our usual Irish climate means the grass becomes much healthier.

In addition, it has been estimated that mulched clippings, which are 85 percent water and five percent nitrogen, can provide up to 25 percent of fertilizer needs for an average garden.

It’s good for the environment:

Mulching keeps grass clippings out of landfills and dumps. In the USA Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the grass cuttings make up approximately 13 percent (or 28 million tons) of the national waste stream.

It’s good for you:

Mulching takes less time than collecting, because you don’t have to stop to empty the bag. This makes it much easier when doing the garden, particularly if you’ve a large area.

How do I avoid clumps?

Clumps aren’t the ideal look for your garden, and when left on the surface of the grass, clumps also can damage the growth underneath. Fortunately, Honda makes it easy to avoid clumping.

Honda’s exclusive twin blade systems cut grass clippings into tiny pieces. The blades make not one, but two cuts along each blade of grass. This results in smaller pieces that naturally mulch better.

Smaller clippings fall more rapidly to the soil surface and are less likely to clump. The smaller the clipping, the better your grass will look.

What about if the grass is too tall or wet?

This is a common problem. Wet or tall grass can result in clumping. Grass with a high moisture content can also have this problem at times.

Many customers find that they can mulch successfully when using a Honda mower, even in wet or tall grass. Honda mowers offer superior mulching design, and our twin blade system often makes a bag unnecessary.

If your garden conditions are really severe, try a Honda HRX mower. The HRX series offers our patented Versamow System, which enables you to both mulch and bag simultaneously. You can incrementally adjust the amount of grass being mulched until clumps disappear. While you may have to bag some clippings, you will still be able to get some of the benefits of mulching – and you’ll reduce the number of times you will have to empty the bag.

Versamow gives you the flexibility to mulch without sacrificing the appearance of your lawn.

For more information on the Honda Lawnmower range you can explore online or speak to your local Authorised Honda Lawn and Garden Dealer.


Honda Lawn and Garden Key Features

Have you ever wondered what makes Honda the best name on grass?!

We have a variety of features on our Honda Lawnmowers and Lawn Tractors that will put the competitors to shame and give you the very best quality when you’re headed for the garden.

Check them out:


The intelligent auto-choke system automatically sets the choke to give optimum starting and running in all conditions.

Roto-Stop® Blade Brake Clutch

Stops the blades but leaves the engine running while you empty the grassbag or move across driveways with self-propelled models.


Rear Roller

Models with a rear roller give your lawn that classic striped effect. A rear roller offers greater machine balance and control when cutting around the edge of your lawn.

SMART Drive®

SMART Drive® is designed to give you fingertip control allowing you to adjust the speed control for greater accuracy.

Select Drive

The all-new Select Drive additionally allows you to set a constant speed for relaxed mowing with increased comfort.

Hydrostatic Drive

Hydrostatic Drive gives you greatest accuracy and a smooth, stepless speed control.

Electric Start

The electric key start ignition makes starting your lawnmower even easier and is fitted in addition to the standard recoil pull-start.


Versamow™ Selective Mulching System

With a single lever, Honda’s Versamow™ system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser.

Versamow™ Variable Mulching System

With a single lever, Honda’s Versamow™ system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser or the perfect mix of both.

Engine Pro Spec

Designed using steel and cast iron, these engines are built for more robust work.


A fan improves air flow between the cutter deck and the high air flow grass bag. It significantly improves collecting performance of the lawnmower.

Electric Grass Dump

The grass bag is opened with an electric motor at the touch of a switch.

Synchronous Blade Cut

Both blades have an overlapping cutting area to create accurate mowing and avoid any uncut areas when turning.

Polystrong & Xenoy

High-tech polymer materials that certain cutter decks are made from, they ensure that they are light weight, strong and durable. They are also UV and corrosion resistant. 


One or more of these features are available on our Honda Lawnmowers and Tractor Lawnmowers, now all you have to do it decide which one suits you and your garden best!

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