How to choose a generator?

Generators usually come in handy at the worst times. Power outages seem to be increasing these days, in the aftermath of Storm Ali, Callum or various others. Generators can save your home or business in those sticky circumstances.

Generators can also power the best times, such as family holidays to a idyllic campsite on the Irish coast or simply powering your devices when on the go.

Choosing one that will suit you can be tricky, but we’re here to make it simplier, follow our guide below for your checklist before you invest:

  1. Decide what size you need

What you want to do with the generator determines what size you’ll need, the size means wattage. When talking wattage there’s two types you’ll need to know:

  • Running watts: continuous watts needed to keep items running.
  • Starting watts: extra watts needed for two-to-three seconds to start motor-driven products, this is the maximum wattage the generator can produce

How would you know what wattage you need? It’s going to be decided by all the devices you want to power at the same time.

Your running wattage = sum of all the running wattage of the devices (Take all devices and add their running wattage together).

Your Starting wattage = The highest value given between all the products (whichever device has the highest starting wattage).

Here in Honda, we refer to the running wattage as the Running output and the starting wattage as the Maximum Output. You’ll find these figures in the Technical Specification of any of our generators.

2. Run Time 

Always choose a generator with a good run time. The longer the run time, less often you’ll have to refuel the generator.

3. Storage and Transport

Choose a generator that fits the purpose in terms of storage and transport. Generators can be weighty and finding one that suits your own capability and your transport type is important. Folding handles or wheels can be essential for higher weight generators.

4. Noise

If you’re using the generator throughout the night while people sleep the noise from the generator can be important. All Honda generators come in acoustically insulated casings and an advanced exhaust muffler system, which drastically reduces noise.

5. Output Quality 

Output quality of the electricity the generator would be important if you are power sensitive devices such as phones, laptops or tablets. You’ll need to check the quality of the power supplied is appropriate for sensitive devices.

Honda Generators to suit every budget and need are available from Honda Power Equipment Dealers nationwide now.