What does the Honda Versatool™ do for your garden?

Are you a garden lover and want to get the best from your garden?

Look no further than the Honda Versatool™. The Versatool™ is designed to take on a huge range of garden tasks. With eight push-and-click attachment options and a 4-stroke engine at its heart, it’s the ultimate power tool for gardening perfection.

But how does it work? 

Well all you need to do is combine your desired powerhead engine with the attachments you need to complete the jobs you need done in your garden.

First you will need to choose your power – we’ve got two separate engine sizes in the powerheads – the 425 has a 25cc engine, and the 435 has a 35cc engine.

Both come with a harness – the 425 has a single strap, while the 435 has a double strap to support the bigger engine.


Then come the attachments, you need to decide what job you need doing and we will have something to suit it:

Hedge Trimmer

Whether you’re shaping small bushes or taming tall hedges, the hedgetrimmer attachment comes in a size right for the job – either 50cm or a longer, 54cm version. Both sizes have an adjustable joint that pivots both left and right, to ensure comfort and manoeuvrability.


The semi-automatic line trimmer head feeds the nylon thread, simply by tapping it on the ground. Five inches in diameter, the head will hold over 56% more line than a traditional one, too. The small cutter that snips the line is made of metal – not plastic like other manufacturers’ products. That means it can be sharpened – a must for professional use.


For both the domestic and commercial gardener, the Versatool pruner attachment maintains constant torque to help you get through the toughest of branches. It can get to high places with its extended shaft, and can also be used with the extension pole to reach even greater heights.


Extremely lightweight and easy to use, the blower attachment keeps your lawn, driveway and garden paths free of leaves and garden rubbish – giving your garden the look of a freshly hoovered carpet.


Creating a neat finish to your lawn is easy with our edger attachment – it creates a tidy and attractive garden edge around flowerbeds, pathways and patios for perfect-looking grass.


Perfect for maintaining garden beds and vegetable patches, the durable cultivator attachment provides high torque for tackling compact soil. Its 20cm working width gives you accuracy in moving around beds, and makes tilling and aerating your soil easy.

Once you’ve picked your attachments you’re good to go tackle the garden with your Honda.

You can purchase any Honda Versatool kit in your local Honda Lawn and Garden Dealership.