GL1800 Airbag Recall

What is the reason for this notice?
Honda Motor Co Ltd have determined that a safety defect exists with certain GL1800 Goldwing models equipped with the Honda Air Bag System that are constructed with certain Takata produced inflators and have decided to conduct a safety recall.

Models effected by this recall: 2007 – 2008 YM (Year of Manufacture) models

Details of the symptom
The propellant wafers in some of the subject inflators may degrade over time, which could lead to over aggressive combustion in the event the air bag is activated. Overly aggressive combustion creates excessive internal pressure when the inflator is activated, which may cause the inflator body to rupture. In the event of an inflator rupture, metal fragments could pass through the air bag cushion material possibly causing serious injury or fatality to the rider or passenger.

Remedial action to be taken by Honda.
A new counter measure air bag module will be installed on all affected motorcycles without charge to the customer. However, due to supply constraints of the new counter measure air bag module, they may not be available in sufficient quantities initially. Once the counter measure parts become available, Honda will send a second notification letter to all owners beginning with the oldest model year motorcycles.
In the meantime, customers will be advised to return their motorcycle to an authorised Honda dealer to have the air bag system temporarily disabled to ensure the continued safe operation of their motorcycle.

What should you do now?
Please call any authorised Honda motorcycle dealer to make an appointment.
Honda aim to complete this action as soon as possible and will make every effort to minimise any inconvenience.
The temporary disabling of the air bag system will take approximately 12 minutes to complete, but your motorcycle may be required for a little longer depending on each dealers workshop scheduling.

All work undertaken in relation to this safety recall will be completed free of charge.