BF8 & BF6B Engine Flywheel

What is the reason for this notice?

As part of Honda’s continuous quality monitoring activities, we have become aware that a safety defect exists in some BF8 and BF6B Marine Outboard Engines.

Models effected by this recall:

Model Serial Prefix Serial Number
BF8A3 BACL 1213392 – 1700048
BF8AM BACS 1210688 – 1700084
BF8AX BACU 1000958 – 1400158
BF8A3 BZBC 1300327 – 1800582
BF8BX BAKL 1001327 – 1400582
BF8BX BAKS 1000807 – 1400392
BF6BX BALS 1000914 – 2002446
BF6BX BALL 1001035 – 2002117

Details of the symptom:

During manufacturing of the engine flywheel, a hairline crack could have occurred in the flywheel casting. If the propeller comes out of the water, the engine can rev high enough to break a cracked flywheel. Or, over time, engine vibration could worsen the crack, eventually leading to flywheel breakage. If the flywheel breaks, broken pieces can burst through the engine cover and cause injury.

We strongly recommend that you stop using your outboard motor until it has been inspected and the condition has been corrected.

Action to be taken by Honda:

Replacement of flywheel on effected models

What should you do now?

Do not use your BF8 (or BF6B) until it has been fixed. Call any authorised Honda ATV dealer to make an appointment to have your BF8A (or BF6B) inspected and repaired.

All work undertaken in relation to this safety recall will be completed free of charge.