Honda’s pocketful of mini motorcycles has struck a chord with young and old riders alike. The re-imagined Monkey 125 tugs at heart strings that remember the golden 1970s while  providing thoroughly modern, compact and funky urban transport for riders of any age. The MSX125 Grom serves up left-field, customisable style for ‘Generation Y’ but also as perfect paddock transport in the worlds of car and bike racing.

For 23YM a new bike joins the fold. The ST125 Dax fully owns the genuine authenticity of the 1969 original* but brings thoroughly 21st century performance from chassis, engine and ergonomics. The most recent version of the Dax was produced from 1995 to 2003 for the Japanese market. The more recent European success of its siblings has hastened its return and its mischievous charm and easy-going riding proposition bless the ST125 Dax with an extra layer of desirability.

Of course, nostalgia will play a part in the Dax’s appeal to riders now in middle age – riders who may have owned a Dax in their youth and are pleased to see it return. Equally, ‘retro’ is important to younger owners; that’s real retro, not faux. A certain style sets some machines apart and the Dax has just that in abundance thanks to the form of its iconic T-shaped frame. Which is also how the bike got its name: extending from under the seat to the handlebars, and sitting atop the small 12” wheels, the look is reminiscent of the universally-adored Dachshund. Or Sausage Dog, to give it its everyday English name…

Unique, easy, usable and great fun. That’s the new Honda Dax. A faithful old friend is back.