Portable Pump

WX10 Water Pump

A compact water pump for around the home.
When you need strong and reliable water pressure, our Lightweight pumps will get the job done.

Lightweight water pump pushes 140 litres per minute, debris up to 5.7mm and a total head of 36m.

At a Glance:

A GX25 4-stroke engine pumps 140 litres a minute with 3.6 bar of pressure and 1hour 20 minutes running time.

Max output: 140-240 L/min

Run time: 1h20-1h30 approx

Total head: 36-40 Metres

Pressure: 3.6-4 Bars

Price: €629.00


A sealed system

What makes our Lightweight water pumps so effective is the craftsmanship of the hose seals and O-rings – they ensure air can’t be drawn in, which causes the all important vacuum to be lost.

Pushing Power

Also known as ‘total head’, it’s the maximum height the pump can force water from suction head to discharge head. Our Lightweight pumps can push it up to 40m – that’s around the length of four buses parked end to end. That’s far, far away.

Lightweight, but powerful

The name Lightweight refers only to their size, not power – they can move up to 240 litres a minute. Perfect for simple jobs. It’s made possible by their hard-working 4-stroke engines that push out up to 7000 rpm; that’s pretty exceptional for their size

Hard as nails

If water gets near the engine, things can quickly gush downhill. Our Lightweight water pumps use mechanical seals – they’re hard-wearing and durable, and keep the water away. These pumps can also handle small bits of debris up to 3mm in size – there’s a strainer to make sure nothing bigger gets through

Tough Build

Come rain or shine, our OHV 4-stroke engines won’t let you down.
They are reliable, have low emissions and low vibration – automatic decompression makes them so quick and easy to start.


Maximum output capacity (L/min) 140
Inlet/outlet diameter thread type (mm/inches) 25/1-PF
Total head (m) 36
Suction head (m) 8
Pressure (bars) 3.6
Debris size capacity (mm) 6
Engine Model GX25
Engine type 4-stroke, OHV,** 1 cylinder
Displacement (cm³) 25
Bore x stroke (mm) 35 x 26
Engine speed (rpm) 7000 max
Engine net power (kW) 0.72
Cooling system Forced air
Ignition system Transistor
Oil capacity (L) 0.1
Fuel tank capacity (L) 0.55
Operating time 1h20 approx
Starter system Recoil
Sound pressure level at workstation (dB(A)) 86
Guaranteed sound power level (dB(A)) 102
Length (mm) 325
Width (mm) 220
Height (mm) 300
Dry weight (kg) 6.1