Power for fun


Compact, portable and easy to use, our new range of marine engines are packed full of the very latest Honda innovation. So it’s not just clever engineering, it’s Engineering For Life. The Honda Bf4 is one of Honda’s newest outboards.

At a Glance:

4hp – 4 stroke engine

1 cylinder – 127cmᶟ

Short or Long Shaft

Short shaft: With a 434mm shaft

Long shaft: With a 561mm shaft

From 27.0 kg

BF4 SHNU: €1,499.00
BF4 LHNU: €1,499.00


Transport and store with ease

The engines are fitted with a ergonomic carry handle and with a foldable tiller handle.

Low vibration

Vibration levels are extremely low thanks to innovative rubber mounts developed by Honda.

Easy start

The engines are equipped with Honda’s decompression mechanism, which requires the minimum effort on the recoil to start the engine.

Extended running time

The BF4, BF5 and BF6 incorporate a large internal fuel tank (1.5l). If needed, the BF5 and BF6 can be connected to an external fuel tank for longer journeys (optional).

Convenient gear shift

The engines have an ergonomic gear shift to move forward, reverse or be in neutral position.

Look after your prop and your engine

To prevent damage to the propeller, you can tilt the shaft forward when you find yourself at the water’s edge. A spring design allows you to lock it down again when you’re on the move.

Inbuilt protection

These engines feature an oil alert system, which will immediately warn you of any drop in pressure while automatically reducing engine revs to a lower and much safer level.

The next big thing in engines

The BF4, BF5 and BF6 have been refined, re-engineered and comprehensively tested to ensure the highest possible levels of reliability, performance, comfort and enjoyment. Not only are the new BF engines among the lightest in their class, they have an ergonomically designed handle to make them easy to carry. The Tiller handle can also be folded to make them as compact as possible to aid storage.


The new engines gather all our experience to make sure you have the most comfortable ride. What’s more, they have very low vibration, low noise and high reliability. A high charging alternator can offer up to 6A, giving you plenty of power to charge your electronic devices.


The new range packs a punch with a 127 cm³ engine that not only provides efficient acceleration, but still supplies high levels of torque. Several propeller options are available to fit perfectly with your needs. If you are looking for an easy start engine, you will be really pleased with the new Honda decompression mechanism, anyone can start these outboards with the minimum of effort.


Engine Type 4-Stroke, Single-Cylinder
Valves OHV
Displacement (cc) 127
Bore X Stroke (mm) 60×45
Full Throttle Range (RPM) 4,500‐5,500
Rated Power (kW (PS)) 2.9(4)/5000
Cooling System Water Cooled (with Thermostat)
Fuel Delivery 1 carburettor
Ignition System Digital CDI
Starting System Recoil starter
Exhaust System In water
Gear Ratio 2.08
Engine Trim and Tilt Manual 5 stages
Transom Height (mm) 434/561
Dry Weight (kg) 27/27.5
Overall Length (mm) 524
Overall Width (mm) 347
Overall Height (mm) 1200/1147