Starting Out


Reliable and quiet, the ergonomic carry handle of the lightweight BF2.3 allows the Honda experience to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

At a Glance:

2.3hp – 4 stroke engine

1 cylinder – 57cmᶟ

Short or Long Shaft

Short shaft: With a 418mm shaft

Long shaft: With a 571mm shaft

From 13.5 kg

BF2.3 SCHU: €960.00
BF2.3 LCHU: €1,000.00


Twist and go

A centrifugal clutch allows the engine to idle without turning the propeller blades. When you want to go, just roll on the power, and the clutch will engage and drive the propeller.

Round and round

To change direction quickly, the little BF2.3 has a quick swiveling action; perfect for reversing with no gear changing. Just swing the tiller handle through 180˚ and the boat goes backwards. You’ll be able to manoeuvre around a harbour’s tight spots with ease.

Look after your prop

The BF2.3 is very light and easy to tilt up out of the water. This prevents damage to the propeller blades when you find yourself in the shallows or at the water’s edge. A spring design allows it to be locked down safely when you’re on the move again.

Pick up and go

The BF2.3 engine is the lightest in its class and is so easy to pick up. It’s easy to carry too, with an ergonomic handle positioned at the exact point of balance to allow you to walk normally without feeling any strain.

Throttle control

The twist grip feels remarkably smooth, and comes with a throttle tensioner, which allows you to fix the throttle position – like cruise control – so you can relax your hand and just steer.

Fun comes easy

Unlike a 2-stroke engine, these 4-strokes are so quiet. They’re also more efficient, and there’s no mixing of oil and petrol, which is bad for the environment. So as you accelerate away to the middle of a lake, up a river or around the coastline at sea, you know that the clean water you’re cutting through stays that way.

Small but muscular

A single cylinder 4-stroke that spins freely with the first pull, making it easier to start. It has the latest technology that accurately controls the ignition timing, so when you start ­– even from cold – the air-cooled BF2.3 will never let you down.

It can build more solid torque to move heavier craft if required. It’s simple to operate, easy to keep clean and needs minimum maintenance. Add Honda reliability, superior fuel efficiency and low emissions, and you’ve got all you need to start out on the water.


Engine Type 4st Forced Air cooled
Valves OHV 1-Cyl.
Displacement (cc) 57
Bore X Stroke (mm) 45 x 36
Full Throttle Range (RPM) 5,000-6,000
Rated Power (kW (PS)) 1.7 (2.3)
Cooling System Force Air Cooled
Fuel Delivery 1 carburettor
Ignition System Transistorised
Starting System Manual
Gear Ratio 2.42
Centrifugal Clutch Yes
Propeller Rotation Standard
Engine Trim and Tilt Manual / Manual 4 stages
Transom Height (mm) 418/ 571
Dry Weight (kg) 13.5/ 14
Overall Length (mm) 410
Overall Width (mm) 280
Overall Height (mm) 945/ 1100