Power you can handle


Outboards that produce 15 or 20 horsepower that are actually portable – you better believe it. With well-positioned foldaway handles, they’re perfect for all boats that need pocket-sized power.

At a Glance:

15 horsepower 4-stroke

PGM-IG twin-cylinder engine

Short, Long and Extra Long Shaft

Short: 433mm

Long: 563mm

Extra Long: 703mm

Options: Tiller Handle, Remote, Electric Start

BF15 LHU: €3,399.00
BF15 LHSU: €3,499.00
BF15 LRTU: €3,999.00
BF15 LRU: €3,799.00
BF15 SHU: €3,399.00
BF15 SHSU: €3,499.00
BF15 SRU: €3,799.00


Easy starter

Engines have an automatic decompression system for easy starting. This makes the engine much easier to turn over for that initial pull if you have a manual recoil-type, and it’s less of a drain on your battery if you have the electric start.

Reverse Thrust

In forward motion the propeller will drive normally through water, but in reverse it’s a different story – unless you have a Honda. On other outboards, the propeller will turn in exhaust bubbles and wont ‘hook up’ with the water. Our unique reverse exhaust relief system directs the exhaust bubbles away from the propeller, so that it can ‘grip’ the water – instead of air. The result is instant reverse response with much finer control.

Trim and tilt

The light engine is easy to tilt up in five stages. Both the manual and power versions will lift up or down, enabling you to trim the boat to give you maximum performance and fuel efficiency. It also stops you from damaging the propeller blades when you find yourself near rocks or the water’s edge.

Let conversation flow

They’re so quiet you can raise the power, without having to raise your voice. Whether it’s for commercial or leisure use, when the 4-stroke spins into life you’ll notice how quiet it is as you roll on the power. And with the exclusive Honda rubber mount device that soaks up the vibrations, it feels smooth too. These high-output outboards will push you and your passengers nicely through the water when you’re out for a day’s work, or cruising and fishing. Now, that’s something worth talking about.

Compact Performance

Our engines have a reputation built on reliability, superior fuel-efficiency and low emissions – so the environment will love you for choosing a Honda. You’ll be glad to know these light 4-stroke 350cc engines are easy to start, that’s because they have a decompression system and a Programmed ignition (PGM IG). This ignition system accurately delivers the right amount of fuel/air mixture to the twin cylinders, so when you fire up these Hondas – even from cold – they’re ready for fun, right from the word go.

These compact engines are not only smooth operators, they’re robust and perfect for commercial use too. They have a high-output charging coil, which will support most electronic equipment you have on board – even at lower revs and slower speeds.

Works hard, looks great too

The finish is stunning in Honda aqua marine silver. And with a folding handle on the exact point of balance, even carrying it around the outboard looks fantastic.

Engines are available with tiller handle and remote control options. The remote control option visually displays engine alert lights, oil pressure and overheating. It also produces an audible warning to attract your attention should anything happen while you’re concentrating on other tasks. It’s unlikely – but if there is an issue, you’ll have time to act.


Engine Type 4st Water Cooled
Valves OHC 2-Cyl.
Displacement (cc) 350
Bore X Stroke (mm) 59 x 64
Full Throttle Range (RPM) 4,500-5,500
Rated Power (kW (PS)) 11.2 (15)
Cooling System Water Cooled (with Thermostat)
Fuel Delivery 1 carburettor with accelerator pump
Ignition System Electronic PGM-IG
Starting System Electric / Recoil starter
Exhaust System Propeller boss
Gear Ratio 2.08
Propeller Rotation Standard
Engine Trim and Tilt Manual / Manual 5 stages
Battery Charging Capacity (AMP.) 6A
Battery Charging Capacity (AMP.) 12A
Electric Starter LRTU, XRTU
Transom Height (mm) 433 S/563 L/ 703 X
Dry Weight (kg) 46.5 SHU/49.5 LHU, SRU/51 LRU/58.5 LRTU/ 61 XRTU
Overall Length (mm) 650 (Tiller)
Overall Width (mm) 350
Overall Height (mm) S:1110/L: 1240/ X: 1380
SHU With a 433mm shaft and 6A battery charge.
LHU With a 563mm shaft and 6A battery charge.
SRU With a 433mm shaft, 12A battery charge and remote.
LRU With a 563mm shaft, 12A battery charge and remote.
LRTU With a 563mm shaft, 12A battery charge, remote and power trim and tilt.
XRTU With a 703mm shaft, 12A battery charge and remote.