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Batteries & Charger

With a single Honda Li-ion battery, you can power any of the different tools within the Honda cordless range.

At a Glance

Honda Universal Battery System

DP3660 XA (6Ah): €289.00
CV360 XA: €109.00


Fully Weatherproof*

Sealing of cells enables the battery to be used all year round, whatever the weather.

*Only on 36V 9.0Ah DPW3690XA batteries.

LCD Display*

Clear LCD display showing you the remaining charge as a percentage.

*Only on 36V 9.0Ah DPW3690XA batteries.

High Performance

Delivers constant power supply throughout battery charge

Robust construction

The 9.0Ah heavy duty battery has an aluminium sub-frame material and a robust outer casing protecting the inner cells, it can even withstand a 2 m drop.

Thermo Smart Technology

Thermo Smart improves heat dissipation from the inside to the outside of the battery for longer lifetime and runtime. Allows continuous high current draw for all day usage and high performance, even under heavy conditions.

Will deliver.

Built to deliver for as long as you need it to, each battery is built on Thermo Smart technology for higher performance, all-day usage and signifi cantly longer battery life. A constant high current provides unwavering performance, whilst an LCD screen* displays the battery life and charge level at all times.
Recharging is quiet and fast, thanks to our chargers that can deliver 100 % capacity in just 35 minutes.Δ

All Honda Li-ion batteries have unique, heat-conducting housings to extend their life, as well as compact casings that can withstand the bumps and knocks they will encounter in everyday use. Crucially, they can be changed in seconds, so you can work without interruption. Honda Li-ion batteries are built for gardeners who need to work all day, every day, until the job is done.

Δ36V 4.0Ah battery