The Honda TRX500 is a heavy-hitting ATV built for hard work and big loads – day in, day out. The TRX500 will work for you, with it’s low-down torque to it’s liquid cooled engine – It will help you tackle really rough terrain, as well as the big towing jobs. It’s an ATV you can rely on. Choose various transmissions and options including independent rear suspension and power steering.

Heavy hitter - The ATV that loves to get stuck in


Image for TRX500FM6

TRX500FM6: Switchable 2/4wd, manual five-speed gearbox, independent rear suspension, power steering and automatic clutch.


Image for TRX500FE2

TRX500FE2: Switchable 2/4wd – 5 forward/1 reverse gear, auto clutch, power steering and electric shift.


Image for TRX500FA6

TRX500FA6: Go-anywhere, do-anything tool, with faster, smoother gear changes plus independent double-wishbone rear suspension and power steering.